Tips for Transferring Smart Home Devices to Your New Home

Moving into a new home doesn’t mean you cannot take certain parts of your old home with you, and this includes your smart home devices. Thanks to advances in technology, there are ways you can transfer some of these smart appliances that play an important role in your life with you.

Get organized. Before you move, make a plan for packing. Label each box with the specific smart devices and which room they should go in. For instance, if you have a smart speaker in the living room, make sure you put it in a marked box so you know where to find it. Consider making a map of where all your smart devices will go in the new home; completing this step can expedite your unpacking process.

Determine what stays and what goes. After you’ve taken inventory, decide which smart devices are worth moving to the new home. While it’s easy enough to move smart speakers and plug-in models, it’s not as convenient to move smart thermostats or other hard-wired electrical devices. For devices that you leave, make sure you reset them so they’re no longer connected to your personal information.

Try to keep your router and network name the same. You might be dreading all the smart devices you need to pack and unpack, but keeping the router and network the same can make the moving-in process smoother. All your smart devices will recognize the router and automatically connect themselves.

Install the smart hubs first. Once you move, make sure to reconnect any hub-type devices first. After you complete this step, all your lights, plugs, and everything else can connect to the smart hub. This step eliminates the need to set everything up individually.

Set up each room. After you set up the hub, go back to your smart device map to determine which device goes where. Go through your boxes and locate all the devices you need to set up.

With just a little planning and preparation, you can turn your new home into the same type of smart home you had before. Using a smart hub and speaker can make your new residence feel familiar and provide automation to make your life easier.


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