Top Reasons to Use a Realtor®

Selling, Buying and Investing in real estate is a complicated process which requires the help of a professional.  After all, you rely on professionals for your health, legal matters and financial well-being, so why would you try to sell one of your largest assets on your own.

1. Maximize Your Net $$

Many people think they will save money by buying or selling on their own.  This is not true!  Instead of focusing on the amount of the commission, you should instead focus on how much you are going to end up after the transaction.  Just like the founder of who famously hired an agent to help sell his condo.  The guy who wants to convince you to buy & sell on your own, actually hired an agent himself.  Hmmm.

2. I'll Handle the Paperwork

It's easy to underestimate the amount of paperwork in a real estate transaction, many of which have legal implications.  Instead of fretting these important details, leave it to a professional.  We will help you understand the process, the forms and the jargon, while keeping you out of trouble.

3. Marketing that Really Works!

When you go it alone, you are competing against sellers & buyers using a professional approach.  As a Seller, you're using a sign and a Zillow listing to compete with homes that are backed by an entire marketing plan including the MLS and social media.  As a buyer, you're up against other buyers who are represented by a professional negotiator operating on their behalf.    Sellers would generally rather interact with a Realtor than a random buyer off the street.

4. Save Time & Money

By using an agent, you'll be offloading all of the costs and time associated with properly marketing your home.  This can easily reach $1,000 and, in some cases, much more with photos/video, social media ads, staging and more.  Also, don't underestimate how much time you will need to invest to buy or sell a home by yourself.  If you value your weekends and evenings, hand off this responsibility to a pro!

5. Open Houses Require a Commitment

First of all, you're going to spending many hours preparing for and hosting your open houses, which comes at the expense of spending nice weekends with friends and family!  You'll be dealing with some annoying strangers and nosey neighbors.  In addition, those well-qualified buyers, who are likely working with a Realtor, will be skeptical of what you (the homeowner) say about your own house.  Buyers are much more likely to believe a Realtor than a FSBO homeowner.

6. Follow-up is so Important

A primary job of a listing agent is to follow-up with the qualified buyers and also to solicit and process feedback from buyers and buyer's agents.  FSBO sellers generally fail at this because they lack the training to ask the right questions and they are probably not a professional salesperson.  When you try to sell on your own, it is really difficult to get to the finish line and is why most FSBO sellers give up and ultimately hire an agent.  Unfortunately, by then, the home is "damaged goods" in the eyes of the buyers. 

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