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Are you looking to sell Jersey Shore real estate?  As a full-service Realtor and a expert of the coastal Monmouth and Ocean County region, it would be our pleasure to assist you with the sale of your Jersey Shore property.  Our Selling services cover upper the Jersey Shore markets from northern Monmouth County around Matawan/Hazlet down through the southernmost region of Ocean County including all of Long Beach Island.

We can assist with the sale of all types of residential properties (single family, multi-family, condos and townhomes) as well as all types of commercial properties including office complexes, retail strips, mixed-use, industrial and more.  Hiring a Realtor to help you sell is shown to help home owners net more in their transaction than selling the home themselves.  This is because a Realtor will market the home professionally reaching more buyers and the Realtor is also a professional negotiator and should be able to navigate to the maximum selling price.

Here's an interesting fact....  Did you know that the CEO of the website actually hired a real estate agent to help sell his $2 Million condo?  Here's the original article in Time magazine.  Pretty telling.  The guy telling you and others to sell through his FSBO website actually hired an agent himself!

Here are some of the reasons to hire a Realtor to help you sell

Prior to listing your property for sale, we will conduct a full market analysis and generate a customized report that we will review in detail.  It is critically important that you get the initial listing price right.  Set the price too high and your property will miss important client screening and will get stale fast with little action.  Set the price too low and you'll be leaving money on the table.  We will spend a lot of time reviewing the neighborhood statistics so we can go to market with confidence.

There are simple things you can do to your property ahead of listing it for sale which will help you maximize the selling price.  Many of these improvement tips are low cost and simple to complete.  We're not talking about a full kitchen renovation here.  Simple things like painting the front door and changing the handle set hardware to trimming the shrubs and planting some seasonal flower pots will go a long way to improving the curb appeal of your home to the prospective buyer.

Reaching today's buyer often means maximizing your property's social media presence.  We will start this effort with professional photography and videography of your home.  In addition, we may create a custom floorplan and 3D walkthrough using some of our team's advanced tools.  Once the marketing materials are created, we will then leverage our custom websites and social channels such as Twitter and YouTube to get the materials in front of as many buyers as we can reach.  Our efforts may also include paid marketing campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Waze and additional social media marketing channels.

This is one of the most important activities in getting a property sold and it is also the one that FSBO sellers struggle with the most, and rightly so.  It is not easy to do and it involve considerable expense to do it properly.  Let us do it for you!

Negotiating can be confrontational and difficult and, as a result, many people try to avoid it which will hurt your selling efforts in the end.  If you want to maximize the the amount you get for your property, you'll really want to hire a professional who is not afraid to push to get you a great deal.  Our Principal has over 25 years of negotiating experience and a primary objective will be maximizing your selling price.  Leave the heavy lifting on this touchy topic to us!

FSBO sellers are required to conduct open houses, advertise their property on some shady "classifieds" websites and let totally unknown strangers walk through their house.  We don't need to tell you that in this day and age, this type of activity can open the door to many security issues which could affect the safety and well-being of your family.  By hiring a Realtor, you are covered by a code of ethics that all of us must abide by.  In addition, your home will be shown with a professional agent accompanying the prospective buyer and the buyer's identity will be known to the agent showing your home.  All showings will be logged with the electronic lockbox for further security.  Don't jeopardize the security of yourself and your family, by trying to go it alone.

The real estate selling process can have many ups and downs over a multi-month journey.  There is a significant investment of time and money on the part of the Realtor to ensure your transaction happens as quickly and as smoothly as possible.  There is a considerable amount of paperwork and inspections that are a part of selling a property and by hiring us, you'll have a professional Realtor watching every step of the transaction to make sure everything happens on schedule.  In the end, you will find that the sales commission paid will be well worth the investment.  This is why so many FSBO sellers ultimately abandon their efforts in favor of a Realtor within a couple of months.

Backed by the marketing muscle of RE/MAX, you have come to the right place if you are looking to sell at the Jersey Shore. Please don't hesitate to contact us here or by calling/texting us directly at 908.912.4441.  You can also learn more about me at my official Realtor® website -

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