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Are you looking to rent Jersey Shore real estate for a family vacation or are you a landlord at the Jersey Shore in need of assistance renting your place?  As a full-service Realtor and a expert of the coastal Monmouth and Ocean County region, it would be our pleasure to assist you (the tenant or the landlord) with the rental of a Jersey Shore property.  Our Rental services cover upper Jersey Shore markets from northern Monmouth County around Asbury Park down through the southernmost region of Ocean County including all of Long Beach Island.

We can assist with the rental of all types of residential properties (single family, multi-family, condos and townhomes) as well as all types of commercial properties including office complexes, retail strips, mixed-use, industrial and more.  In addition, we also provide property management services for landlords who want to enjoy the benefits of passive rental income without the headaches that often come along with the responsibility of ownership.

In addition to the personalized services we offer to landlords and rental seekers, we also manage one of Jersey's newest beach vacation rental websites -  This is a free-to-use shore rental resource for both renters and landlords with no booking or posting fees.  The directory covers all Jersey Shore regions spanning Monmouth, Ocean, Atlantic and Cape May Counties, so we hope you choose to check it out.

For the Landlord, we wil:

If you are a landlord with a Jersey Shore vacation rental, we can assist you with professional marketing of your space including professional photos and videography, listing on the Monmouth-Ocean MLS system and placement on our social media channels including, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Waze and more.  Finally, we will also offer you an upgraded "Featured" listing in the our new vacation rental directory.  If your rental is a condo, we may also list it on another website we own -  Let's just say that your Jersey Shore rental with achieve maximum exposure by working with our team!

As your agent, we will be the one who is interacting with prospective tenants. We'll manage all the back-and-forth communications and schedule appointments to view the property, things that can be very time-consuming. Having this responsibility off your plate will allow you to use your time on other productive tasks.

One of the biggest risks a landlord assumes with the rental of a weekly, monthly or seasonal rental property is the quality of the tenants.  Get hooked up with irresponsible (or worse) tenants and your Summer can quickly turn into a nightmare.  Therefore we will employ various tools to ensure your tenant is properly screened and acceptable to you prior to handing over the keys.

We utilize the MLS lease agreement which is a commonly used and effective tool. It will include the most basic and necessary clauses of a lease such as duration, amount of monthly rent, when the rent must be paid, the basics of the security deposit, and how the tenant can and can't use the property.  This can be helpful if you've never drafted a lease before and you don't want to pay a lawyer to do it for you.   In addition, we will handle all of the document signing, money collection and, as an additional service, we can manage the property for you should you need to assistance of cleaners, contractors or other professionals.

For the Renter, we will:

Some renters have been coming to the Jersey Shore their entire lives and know exactly what they want.  Others are from out of State of otherwise new the the Jersey Shore market and need a little more help finding that perfect vacation rental.  Either way, we're here to assist with market expertise and savvy to help you land a great vacation rental deal.

From restaurants to shopping, nightlife and events, we are happy to guide our renter clients to some of the Shore's most favorite destinations.

It's no secret that there are many rental scams on Craigslist and other Internet sites.  Working with us will ensure that the vacation rentals you explore are legitimate and there is no risk of time or money loss.

With our local market expertise, we'll make sure you don't overpay for the rental or ancillaries.   When planning a Summer vacation rental, it's very easy to get wrapped up in the emotion of the moment.  While we're happy to share the moment with you, we won't let you overpay for the rental - unless you insist!

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Backed by the marketing muscle of RE/MAX, you have come to the right place if you are looking to rent at the Jersey Shore. Please don't hesitate to contact us here or by calling/texting us directly at 908.912.4441. You can also learn more about me at my official Realtor® website -

We look forward to working with you!

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