You can save hundreds of $$ per year!

In today’s market, home buyers and sellers are looking for something different.  Why not make the difference between your home and the next one energy efficiency.  In addition to making your home standout, it will also help you save a significant amount of money during your ownership.  Energy efficient upgrades are often low-cost while the savings accumulate year after year.  One of the best examples of such an upgrade is the installation of a programmable WiFi thermostat.  Your ability to control cooling and heating will more than pay for the thermostat in a single year.  Starting year two, it’s all profit for the home owner. I’ve got dozens of other money-saving ideas and if you are interested in discussing, please contact me through the website or by calling 908.912.4441.  Some of the upgrades require a professional and I can help point you in the right direction here too.

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