A lot goes into selling (and buying real estate) and there is so much to know. Lucky for you, I am an expert and I’m only a call or a message away! Don’t try to take this on by yourself, do the smart thing and let me help you.  If you are selling a home and think you can do it on your own, you’re probably leaving money on the table.  Remember, it’s not how much you pay in commissions that matters, it’s how much you net at the end of the transaction.  If you are focused on the Realtor® commission, you are paying attention to the wrong thing.  Follow the lead of the founder of ForSaleByOwner.com.  Interestingly, the guy who tries to convince you to sell your home on your own, used a Realtor® to sell his own home!  Here’s the article so you can read it for yourself.
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